Estee Lauder goes Mad Men

Inspired by the Award Winning AMC Drama series Mad Men, this beautiful limited edition consists in elegant, vintage designs from the legendary Estée Lauder 60’s collections. The Ad Campaign’s face is Estee Lauder’s girl Constance Jablonski.

This lipstick is a must-have classic makeup item that captures the iconic cherry-red lips of the Mad Men era and it lavishes lips with a cream satin finish and a smooth and rich lipcolor.

This limited edition blush is creamy, light, easy to blend and it gives a dewy, smooth, natural finish, capturing the iconic rosy cheeks of the era.



  1. Creme Rouge in Evening Rose: With 1-2 fingertips, smooth under cheekbones.
  2. Pure Color Blush in Lover Blush: Over Creme Rouge, sweep powder blush from the middle of ear towards tip of nose.
  3. Pure Color Blush in Wild Sunset: Apply on the apples of cheeks.


  1. Pure Color EyeShadow in Sepia Sand: Finish with a light layer over lid only.
  2. Pure Color EyeShadow in Sepia Sand: Finish with a light layer over lid only.
  3. Double Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black: Stroke along the upper lashes. Flip the line up sharply just past the end of the eye to create a perky little “wing.”
  4. Automatic Brow Pencil Duo: Create the perfect arch with the pencil. Then blend with the brush.
  5. Sumptuous Extreme Mascara in Black: Sweep on the upper lashes.
  6. Double Wear Zero-Smudge Mascara in Brown: Brush on the lower lashes for a smouldering, eye-opening effect.


  1. Double Wear Lip Pencil in Red: Line lips evenly.
  2. Lipstick in Cherry: Use with our Lip Brush 35 to fill in lips. Blot with tissue…and mark your man.
  3. Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Pure Red

 And voià! You are a Betty Draper:

From March 18th in Estee Lauder online shop and Bloomingdale’s.


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    Mad Men + the makeup staples of the era in my collection=
    a recipe for oh la la

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